5 cool embroidery artists in Singapore you need to know

Inez Tan
Inez Tan

This mum of two is a master of bohemian embroidered works with a hint of kitsch. She immortalises the doodles of her daughter Miya with a collection of hand-stitched hoops aptly titled She Draws I Thread. Besides using vibrant DMC floss threads, she also sews beads and sequins into her works. Inez makes wearable art in the form of brooches and necklaces too, so you can spruce up your outfit with star constellations and esoteric symbols.

Zoey Wong

Lovers of the macabre, this artist’s morbid creations are just the thing for you. The brains behind Naked Works, Zoey uses embroidery to explore the notion of loss, mortality and dreams. Her works feature unconventional twists like using hair as a material. But things aren’t always dark – she also emblazons cats, dogs and flower motifs onto tees and fashion accessories. Polish your needlework with Zoey as she conducts classes too.

Sheena Liam

Besides being a winner of Asia’s Next Top Model, Malaysian-born model Sheena Liam also creates stunning pieces of embroidery art. Her unapologetic love for needlework stems from her mum and she uses sewing as an outlet for self-expression. Under the name Times New Romance, she employs various techniques to craft what she calls 3D ‘hair embroidery’. Get on her mailing list for updates on sales and shows.

Marie Toh

Marie breathes life into her sketches through embroidery on wearables such as bags and apparels, as well as hoops. Her intricate needlework – think colour gradients and surreal detailing – comes from her observations on life, songs and even works by other creatives. You can also get your kit personalised and threaded out by Marie.

Izziyana Suhaimi

Drawn to the duality of stitchery, Izziyana jazzes up her illustrations with various mediums and different techniques of hand-stitching and weaving. The fiber artist further elevates her contemporary creations by incorporating vividly hued embroidery accents with charcoal, pencil and watercolour finishes – all on paper.

Concrete Everything
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